Carpet Replacement


Custom cars are not the only vehicles getting carpet jobs these days. Move over dirt, snow, and gravel—kid haulers, and commuter “meals-on-wheels” are tough on carpets making your vehicle look old for its age. We can match and replace your carpeting, repair sections, or even remove it for an intensive cleaning and reinstall it.


  1. Factory Carpet Replacement
  2. Custom Manufactured Molded Carpet
  3. Super Flex Stretch-In Carpet
  4. Custom Fitted & Bound Carpet
  5. Installation of Heat Shield & Sound Deadening Material


We have replaced hundreds of carpets  in all makes and models and have created many custom carpets for hot rods, antique cars, classic cars, and modern custom vehicles.

Give us a call at 281-488-5934; most carpet jobs can be quoted right over the phone.